Friday, 4 April 2014

DIY Fabric Make-up Pads

I use a lot of disposable cotton wool pads to remove make-up, nail varnish, put on cleanser and toner and so on which isn't really very environmentally friendly.  So I've made some washable fabric pads which only took a little time, it will save me money and I can stop feeling guilty about not being green!

I used some spare flannel fabric that was in my sewing bag, nothing fancy. It can be cut into any shape you like; I did basic circles. I put a little more of the fabric in between two layers to bulk it up and sewed around the outside by hand - again, nothing fancy but enough to keep it all together snugly and for it to 'look' like a cotton pad.  And there it is - a reusable, washable pad for those particular beauty needs!  Next time though, I may try squares and use the sewing machine.

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