About Me

My aim for Top Tips is to find the savviest and canniest - and sometimes funny - ways to improve or fix your home, garden, hair or beauty regime.  I'll be searching the web and collating the best ones for your perusal!

I will only write about things I am impressed with, that I would use myself and I take my own advice!  I adore finding ways to be a savvy shopper and make savings and this blog helps to do that in the home.  As such, when I do 'put my money where my mouth is,' I will give my readers honest feedback about how the process was, how I managed to save money, how easy it was and what the outcome

I welcome any feedback that my readers may be willing to give me so if you have any ideas of what I should be looking out for, questions on how to maximise your savings online or reviews of any tip that I have picked - or should be picking - please do contact me.

You can also have a look at my other money saving blogs:

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I hope you enjoy my posts and can save lots of cash as a result!

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